How to solve HTTP error in WordPress while upload images?

Many bloggers using WordPress for their blogs, sometimes they will face one strange error of HTTP error while uploading the images. This article explains how you can solve the image…

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How to control more than one WordPress site on single dashboard?

Some bloggers run the more than one WordPress blogs, in this case, they would like to access the WordPress dashboard in on control panel. By default, WordPress not supported to…

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Structure of WordPress

WordPress is the best and light-weight content management system, this is included complete features of a dynamic website like Post, Pages, Plugins, Themes and User management and Comments.   Posts…

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How to install multiple WordPress on single database?

Many bloggers always wondering multiple WordPress blogs using a single administrator account, because they would like to run the different type of blogs. But by default, WordPress not supported the…

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How to Monitor Google AdSense Fraud click on WordPress Blog?

Many bloggers published the Google AdSense in their blogs to make money online. For new bloggers getting AdSense account approval is not the easy process, they have to meet the…

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How to add Captcha on WordPress Contact Form 7?

Many bloggers using the contact us and feedback forms for WordPress Contact Form 7 Plugins. This is one of the best plugins for WordPress blogs, but many blogs receive the…

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How to import the Joomla Article one site to another site?

Many web portal developed by Joomla, sometimes people would like to import Joomla articles to another website. But by default, Joomla don’t have the article import or export option. How…

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How to Create Joomla Page without Menu

Joomla is one of the best content management systems, it has many inbuilt features and we don’t need to make any custom development for this application. Because of many extension…

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Step By Step Guide to Installing SSL Certificate on Shared Hosting

SSL certificates are data files used to bind a cryptographic key to an organization. These certificates are necessary as they provide data integrity, security, and privacy. Without them, a browser’s…

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Why user-friendly website is required?

Is your site user-friendly? You may have heard this question numerous times and there are times when you get annoyed. The best you can do for your website is to…

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