How to Create the SharePoint list workflow using SharePoint Designer


SharePoint by default support to create the default workflow for list and libraries. But if you would like to create the custom workflow then you can use the SharePoint designer tool. This post explains how you can create the SharePoint list workflow using SharePoint designer tool.

Create custom workflow using SharePoint designer tool

  1. Download and install the SharePoint designer tool in your computer (This is free tool provided by Microsoft)
  2. After installing the tool open the SharePoint page provided by the page URL
  3. SharePoint Designer tool
     SharePoint Designer workflow

  4. After connected go to List Workflow in the toolbar
  5. Here all available list will be displayed select the list which you would like to create the workflow
  6.  SharePoint Designer workflow

  7. Create List Workflow window will be open enter the Workflow name and select the workflow platform type and click OK to create the workflow
  8.  SharePoint Designer workflow creation

  9. In the workflow step, you can add the Condition and actions
  10.  SharePoint Designer workflow conditions

  11. For example, we have Training list and included within the field called as Participant In this list we need to add the email notification to participant whenever create the new training
  12. In our case we will create the email notification, select the Send email options by using search icons
  13. Email condition will be added in step 1, click on the Email these users
  14.  SharePoint Designer Email workflow

  15. Define Email message window will be open
  16. Select the user by click on the book icon in the To field\
  17.  SharePoint Designer workflow

  18. It will open the Select user window, here all SharePoint user will be listed
  19.  SharePoint Designer workflow list

  20. You have selected the Workflow Lookup for a user option and click Add
  21. A lookup for the person or Group window will be open
  22. Date source should be current item and Field from source should be Participant field and click ok to save the settings
  23.  SharePoint Designer workflow data source

  24. Now you have to add the Subject and email content in the Define Email Message window then click OK to save the settings
  25.  SharePoint Designer workflow Email message

  26. After that, you have to select the Stop work in the second row OK to add the conditions
  27. Now click to save and publish the workflow
  28.  SharePoint Designer workflow publish

  29. After that select, the Notification link to go back
  30.  SharePoint Designer workflow startup settings

  31. In the Start Option, you need to select the start workflow automatically created and changed
  32.  SharePoint Designer workflow

  33. Again save and publish the workflow
  34. Now go back to your SharePoint site and create the new training, a workflow will be started and send to the email notification for the particular users
  35. After sending the notification workflow will be stopped.

Please be a note if you not set to stop the workflow, whenever you create the task create the new workflow and will be processing continually this will impact sharepoint performance.

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